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This section is a collection of period photographs, scans from the few books that reference Prison Insignia and photographs of badges from various collections.
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Photographs from the Miles MacDonald collection

If anyone can assist with the identities of any of the individuals in the following photographs, please contact the webmaster.

1969 RPS Assessment Course

1969 Rhodesia Prison Service Assessment Course. Photo Miles MacDonald

3rd Row from right, Rick Pullen, Miles MacDonald

2nd Row from left, Tony Coetzee

1st Row, John Grindrod, Ron Manders, Supt. J. Nesbitt, Brian Thom (I/C Dog Section), Herc Engelbrecht

1976 RPS CPO Course

1976 RPS CPO Course. Photo Miles MacDonald

2nd Row from left Stoffel de Bod, Jan Moller, Graeme Walder, Alistair Campbell, Jan Alberts, Mile MacDonald, Piet Coetzee, Ken Heustice

1st Row from left Dave Burgess, ? (Instructor), Robbie Robertson (Instructor - trained British Commando's during WWII), Supt John Clack, Johnny Walker (I/C Dog Section), Mike Spinks (Instructor), Harry Rowlands

1979 RPS Wankie Prison Staff

1979 RPS Wankie Prison Staff. Photo Miles MacDonald

Centre back Miles MacDonald, to his left Prison Officer Adam Sinaro and to his right Sgt. Steven

Photographs from the Brian Ruff collection

Supt Ruff on Parade with band Supt Ruff on Parade
Chikurubi 1971 Flag Dedication Supt Ruff (parade commander), LoC Johnny Walker head of the Dog Section, RoC Ken Barnfield, Band in background.  – Photo: Brian Ruff Supt. Ruff, Ch Supt Joe Barker?, President Clifford Dupont,  Director of Prisons Frank Patch . – Photo: Brian Ruff


Supt Ruff on PArade 3 of teh 6 prison chaplains
President Clifford Dupont, Director of Prisons Frank Patch, Supt. Ruff, Ch Supt Joe Barker? - Reviewing parade 1971. – Photo: Brian Ruff

Drumhead service with 3 of the 6 prison chaplains in clerical dress. All were required to wear uniform otherwise. L to R - a dominee from the DRC, Supt. Ruff, Chaplain-General Bill Clarke (C of E), Father Ribeiro (Nyahwa?) (C of E). The other 3 were R.C.(2) and Methodist. – Photo: Brian Ruff

Supt Ruff takes salute RPS personnel

Supt Ruff takes the Salute on march past at the Dedication of the R.P.S.flag, Chikurubi 1971. – Photo: Brian Ruff

A photograph of particular interest, taken after the dedication parade. L to R – Brian ‘Robbie’ Robertson Instructor, Asst. Supt. Derek Newton, Dep. DOP Chris Reyneke, Supt. Ruff, John Grindrod Instructor ex British Army. Note both the instructors wear sashes and remarkably no belts. Newton wears belt and brace with brass two piece buckle. Note gorgets worn by Reyneke as well as the two different types of lanyard. – Photo: Brian Ruff

Photograph from the Gordon Campbell collection

826 H Squair

Padre Squair

Insignia Collections

Dudley Wall Collection

Dudley Wall Scan

Scanned with permission from "Insignia & History of the Rhodesian Armed Forces 1890-1980" by Dudley Wall

Note that the two rank insignia for Senior Warder WOII and WOI do not appear to fit into the rank structure as described under the insignia section. The rank insignia noted as Warden Commissioner is actually a British South Africa Police rank, the Prisons Director wore a crossed keys as shown below.

Wayne M. Kennerley Collection

RPS Collection WMK

I have yet to find any confirmation that the star shaped insignia above is Rhodesian

Craig Fourie Collection


Rory Drainer Collection

collection RD

I have yet to find any confirmation that the star shaped insignia above is Rhodesian

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