History, Uniforms, Medals & Insignia

Rhodesia Prison Service Insignia

Cap Badges –

              SRPS Cap Badge   RPS cap badge metal RPS cloth badge
  Also seen in a bullion embroidered version   Also seen without the green enamel Bullion embroidered badge, worn by rank of CPO and above
Zimbabwe Prison Service        
ZRP Cap Badge  ZPS      
 ZPS Cap badge, Officers ZPS Cap badge, Other Ranks courtesy of Patsyfinds on eBay

Gorgets & Collar Badges –

Director of Prisons? Deputy Director of Prisons?   RPS collar badge  
              Dir Gorget RPS Dep Dir Gorget   RPS Collar Badge  
      Purple backing for Chaplains  

Shoulder Titles –

                title FPS
                title FPS
                title SRPS
                title RPS

Trades Badges -

Driver Dog Handler FPS (KC) FPS (QC) RPS
RPS Driver badge RPS Dog
              Handler badge   FPS
              Button RPS

Other badges –

RPS cuff link ZPS? Cuff Link Unknown pin badge    
RPS Cuff Link ZPS cuff link unknown pin badge    
  WMK Collection – Maker Matthews Mfg Bulawayo – Poss ZPS? Services Association?
Possibly ZPS?

Ranks & Rank Insignia

Ranks: circa 1962 Insignia   Ranks: circa 1975 Insignia
Warder No insignia   Warder No insignia
Lance Corporal   One Chevron   Lance Corporal   One Chevron
Corporal Two Chevrons   Corporal Two Chevrons
Sergeant Three Chevrons   Sergeant Three Chevrons
Sergeant Major Three Chevrons surmounted by Crown.   Sergeant Major Lion & Tusk in a Wreath
      Chief Warder Rhodesian Coat of Arms
Prison Officer     One Bar    Prison Officer     One Bar 
Established Prison Officer (after 2 years) Two Bars   Established Prison Officer (after 2 years) Two Bars
Chief Prison Officer            (exam)      Three Bars   Principal Prison Officer            (exam)      Three Bars
Assistant Superintendent    (exam)    Two Pips                      Chief Prison Officer   (exam)    Two Pips
Superintendent **                    (exam) Crown   Superintendent **                    (exam) Lion & Tusk on Wreath
Chief Superintendent **    Pip and Crown   Senior Superintendent (later Chief Superintendent) **    Pip & Lion & Tusk on Wreath
      Senior Chief Superintendent (short lived rank) 2 pips with Lion & Tusk on wreath
Deputy Director of Prisons** (1 post) Crossed keys on wreath with two pips   Assistant Director of Prisons (short lived rank) Crossed keys on wreath
Director of  Prisons.***                      Crossed keys on wreath with Crown   Deputy Director of Prisons** (1 post) Crossed keys on wreath with two pips
      Director of Prisons.***                      Crossed keys on wreath with Lion & Tusk on Wreath
      Specialist ranks included :  
Prison Officer (T) stood for temporary. Used for overage (though useful), or men otherwise non-qualifying for regular status. Some were in place for years, keeping establishment figures up. (W) stood for workshop or instructional staff. Usually carpenters, tailors, leatherworkers, foundry etc.     Prison Medical Officer, Chaplain, Chaplain General, Bandmaster (Director of Music), Quartermaster – Bandmaster and Quartermaster later became Superintendents. Area Chaplain?  
      There were only ever two Chief Warders at one time, one at Khami and the other at Salisbury Central  
Crown with green insert
Pips – British Bath Star type
    Pips – Rhodesian ‘Sit Nomine Digna’ type  
**   subject to board and approval of Minister of Justice.     Major (see Contact II) probably an error for Sergeant Major?  
      *** subject to Cabinet approval.  
                crown FPS pip   RPS pip RPS bar
Superintendent FPS
Bath Star rank pip

Sit Nomine Digna rank pip
Prison Officer RPS
                Chevrons     Prisons numbers Unknown Prisons badge

Said to be Rhodesian? Possibly Federal Era
Said to be Rhodesian but more likely South African??

Instructors wore a green slip-on over the epaulette, onto which the metal insignia was fixed. Members on courses such as CPO course, wore a white slip-on over the epaulette.

RPS Instructors Eppaulette

Department Rubber Stamps –

Fed. Govt. H.M. Prison Service - 1961 H.M. Prison - 1961
Fed Govt HM Prison Service 1961 HM Prison 1961
S.R. Govt. – H.M. Prison Service - 1965 H.M. Prison Service - 1966
SR Govt 1965 HM Prison 1966

Rhodesia Prison Service Blazer Badge –

RPS blazer badge  
From the Rory Drainer Collection  

Rhodesia Prison Service Plaques –

              Plaque RPS
              plaque 2
Wayne M. Kennerley Collection
Wayne M. Kennerley Collection
RPS Plaque  
Wayne M. Kennerley Collection
RPS Plaque RPS plaque
Note from Brian Ruff 2006 - Made in the Prisons workshops around the time that the new badge was introduced. This is a smaller version of the badges used above the gate at the Salisbury Remand Prison & Holding Centre, as well as on a plinth at Prison HQ. Possibly used on a wooden shield as an award.
Scan of a home made plaque seen on ebay, seller gglover

Rhodesia Prison Service – Nurses Epaulette –

RPS Nurse Believed to have been used by Nurses in the Rhodesia Prison Service, the rank bars are incorrect as they should be chrome. Provision has been made for the fitting of the Rhodesia Medical Council badge and the RPS title but not for the rank bars, so was probably modified for use by the Prison Service.

Belt Buckles –

FPS Belt Buckle RPS Belt buckle
Brass Buckle for Federal Prison Service Chrome Buckle for Rhodesia Prison Service
ZPS Belt Buckle ZPS belt buckle
Brass Buckle for leather belt – Believed to be  Zimbabwe Prison Service ?? Chrome Buckle (Zimbabwe Prison Service)
RPS cloth belt buckle  
RPS cloth belt buckle  

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