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 Rhodesian Prisons

(The list below is by no means complete) - excludes Federal era prisons in Northern Rhodesia & Nyasaland

Before the late 1960s almost every District Police Station had a "Lock-up" which was part of the Prison Department (noted as a class IV prison), with two or more Warders, supervised by the B.S.A. Police. These warders supervised Prison Labour work parties as well as prisoner transfers. After this the lock ups were controlled by the Police and incumbents were held there until their first court appearance, when they were taken in to prison custody. An example of this is the Mangwe Police detention cells were declared a Class IV Prison in Southern Rhodesia Notice No. 324 of 1964.

Beitbridge Prison Khami Medium Prison
Belingwe Prison Khami Maximum Security Prison
Bindura Prison Khami Open Prison
Binga Prison Marandellas Prison
Buffalo Range Prison Mrewa Prison
Bulawayo Prison (Also referred to as Grey Street Prison) (Medium? / Remand Prison?) Mtoko Prison
Chikurubi Farm Prison New Sarum Prison (a satellite of Salisbury Central)
Chikurubi Medium Prison Nyamandlovu Prison
Chikurubi Maximum Prison Plumtree Prison
Chipinga Prison Que Que Prison
Connemara (Gwelo) Closed as a prison by 1979/80, part was used as a Police Reserve training base and was subsequently used as a barracks for the "integrated Zimbabwe Army units".  RLI (a satellite of Salisbury Central)
Enkeldoorn Prison Rusape Prison
Fort Victoria Prison Salisbury Central Prison
Gatooma Prison Farm Salisbury Remand Prison & Holding Centre
Gorge Grange Prison, a satellite of Fort Victoria, developed as a farm prison Shabani Prison
Gwanda Prison Sinoia Prison
Gwelo Prison Selukwe Prison
Hartley Prison (closed 1968) Tjolotjo Prison
Katambora Reformatory, previously a prison Umtali Prison
Karoi Prison Wankie Prison
Kentucky (a satellite of Salisbury Central) Wha Wha Maximum Security Detention Centre
iKhami held Detained Mental Prisoners

Sby Remand Prison

Salisbury Remand Prison &  Holding Centre Photo: Brian Ruff

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